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Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

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  • Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry
  • Aug 12, 2020
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry - Medicoreach

Infographic Content:

Healthcare is witnessing a drastic transformation, and undoubtedly there is an emergence of digitalization at a global level. Technology has become an integral aspect of patient interaction, clinical trials, and profitable business. AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing its dominance in the healthcare industry and for all good reasons. AI is adding a bunch of benefits such as reductions in the healthcare costs and also smoothen the workflow management, which eventually leads to better functioning of the healthcare sector as a whole.

Let us seek the key AI trends in the healthcare industry that have changed the meaning and working of the present revolutionized healthcare.

– AI focuses widely on improving patient experience

– It is concerned with organizing the patient records for future requirements

– AI helps in elevating the clinical trials

– AI has moved the messy workflow constraints to smoothened workflow management

– AI acts as a right hand to surgeons, doctors, and other employees’ altogether

– AI has diseases identifying tools that enable it to make an accurate diagnosis without wasting any time.

– Virtual nursing is becoming one talk of the town. It facilitates the patients to receive virtual comfort and engage them just as a bedside nurse does

– Wearable health trackers are no news. They have become more prominent with time. These trackers are highly capable of tracking heart rate, sleep rate, and other information.

#Fact about the AI in regards to the healthcare industry

  • Based on reports, the artificial intelligence in healthcare market size is anticipated to increase from USD 4.9 billion in 2020 and cross USD 45.2 billion by 2026. It is expected to enhance at a CAGR of 44.9% during the forecast period.
  • Arterys is one such platform that allows healthcare professionals to adopt powerful tools for analyzing medical images.

What can artificial intelligence do for the health care industry?

There are innumerable ways through which artificial intelligence is favoring the health care industry. Few of them are given below:

– Personalized treatment

– Medical imaging and analysis

– Automatic disease diagnosis

– Automatic disease treatment

– Identifies candidates for clinical trials

– Virtual doctors

– Epidemic outbreak anticipation

– The emergence of surgical robots

– Workflow AI assistants

– Fraud detection

– Dosage error reduction

– Health monitoring devices

Concluding Note:

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the beginning of an advanced generation. It will ease the human resources, increase productivity, enhance customer experience, and spike profits in all sorts of industries. The Healthcare industry, being the most developing one in the segment, will definitely yield benefits of the existence of AI. The complexities of data management in healthcare will be smoothened along the way. For global adoption to take place, AI systems should be approved by regulators, integrated with EHR systems, to upgrade with time. Needless to say, AI systems will never replace human healthcare professionals on a large scale, but will definitely augment their efforts.

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