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Healthcare Email Marketing Trends for 2021

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  • Healthcare Email Marketing Trends for 2021
  • Jan 06, 2021
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Healthcare Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Healthcare Email Marketing Trends for 2021

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In today’s era, where the world has gotten one step closer to technology and advancements, the importance of healthcare email marketing has gone a step ahead too to stay relevant in the business. Patients and healthcare professionals have extensive expectations, and to cater to them well, trends keep coming in.

As 2021 is soon to arrive, we need a quick update on the latest healthcare email marketing trends that are setting in the coming year to bring efficiency, productivity, and, most importantly, seamless experience around the corner.

Top Healthcare Email Marketing Trends for 2021

#1. Telehealth is a boon in the true sense!

Emails are the perfect mode to invite and promote the use of telehealth at large. In fact, 74 percent of the patient population claims they are open to virtual health assistance.

#2. The emerging fashion of patient loyalty programs

Email marketing is no longer about sending welcome notes to subscribers; instead, it has extended support to patient loyalty programs to be widely sent.

#3. The constant battle of customer experience

Emails play a significant role in improving the customer experience by regularly following up, offering quick solutions, sending occasional offers, and more.

#4. Shaping mobile-friendly email campaigns

54 percent of emails are opened on mobile phones; thereby, the need to frame email campaigns in a mobile-centric manner is emerging high.

#5. Clean and strategized segmentation

51 percent of healthcare marketers believe segmentation has single-handedly made their campaign successful.

#6. Engage subscribers smartly

Don’t just send promotional and sales-related emails; engage your audience with informative content. Send them a wellness quiz, and encourage them to follow your social handles.

#7. Automation of emails

Based on demographic locations, occasions, and more automated emails must be sent.

#8. Hyper personalization of the campaign

Developing personalized emails and text messages are the very beginning of improving customer relationship. Personalized emails get 6x times higher response.

#9. The fashion of user-generated content

In the healthcare sector, UGC (user-generated content) is set to make a mark in 2021 as people appreciate patient responses being shared by the company.

#10. Redesign your emails

Email design is much more important than you imagine. From color combination, pattern, styling, image, and more, everything plays an important role.

Wrap Up!

With these healthcare email marketing trends, you may set your coming year on a massive success. Emails are a trusted and responsive mode of marketing, and such trends help you reach your objectives faster.

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