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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

A medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of adults referred to as internal medicine. Physicians who specialize in internal medicine and possesses clinical expertise and scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat adults across a broad spectrum of health conditions and illness are known as internist or doctors of internal medicine. Internists may have to diagnose and care for patients suffering from various health issues like diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung disease, heart disease, obesity, and others. If required, internal medicine physicians may also consult other specialty doctors or may be called for consultation by another specialist as well. Besides providing ambulatory and hospitalized care to patients, internists also contribute towards medical research, teaching, and training.

An internist has to complete a four-year medical school program followed by residency training in internal medicine for three years. Once the training is complete, candidates need to pass the certification and licensure examinations conducted by an authorized medical board. They can further choose to subspecialize in a particular field of internal medicine by taking up additional training.


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