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Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In the healthcare industry, CRM is also termed as healthcare relationship management or healthcare CRM. CRM is nothing but the comprehensive system organizations use to manage customer relations, interact with them, and keep a track on their changing preferences, buying patterns, and more. This helps companies to streamline their customer handling process and improve efficiency.

In the healthcare sector, the CRM system works in two ways. Firstly healthcare organizations use Healthcare CRM to contact patients and secondly healthcare providers use to stay connected with other organizations.

The three features of a healthcare CRM that make it different from tradition CRM systems are below:

  • In the healthcare setup, CRM systems are built to suit the unique needs of organizations and not a generic one.
  • Healthcare CRM systems do not allow manual entry of data. It felicitates automatic data entry and unification from various departments, including billing, supply, lab, payer, and others.
  • Moreover, in the US, Healthcare CRM systems are crafted in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations for secure data management.

Sam Wilson, Consultant