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  • May 10, 2022
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The global pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow up to $1587.05 billion by 2022. Thanks to the relentless R&D of pharmaceutical companies, the industry has produced innovative solutions to our well-being.

1. Pfizer

Invention Ranking: 1

Innovation ranking: 2

Industry revenue: $81.3 billion

CEO: Albert Bourla

  • The company is known for revolutionary clinical trials and biotechnology research. They aim to transform healthcare and create a healthier world.
  • It developed the COVID vaccine Comirnaty and received FDA approval for TicoVac and Prevnar 20.

: twitter.com/pfizer | : linkedin.com/company/pfizer/

2. Regeneron

Invention ranking: 13

Innovation ranking: 3

Industry revenue: $16.1 billion

CEO: Leonard Schleifer

  • The organization aims to develop life-altering medicines across various therapeutic domains.
  • They received FDA approval for emergency usage of REGEN-COV, their proprietary vaccine.

: twitter.com/Regeneron | : linkedin.com/company/regeneron-pharmaceuticals/

3. Johnson & Johnson

Invention ranking: 4

Innovation ranking: 4

Industry revenue: $93.8 billion

CEO: Joaquin Duato

  • Famous for developing baby care products, they are committed to offering healthcare services to all stages of life.
  • They developed a COVID vaccine, Ad26. COV2, cancer drug Darzalex, and an anti-inflammatory medicine Stelara

: twitter.com/JNJNews | : linkedin.com/company/johnson-&-johnson/

4. Merck & Co

Invention ranking: 10

Innovation ranking: 4

CEO: Robert M. Davis

  • The company strives to become a world leader in biopharmaceutical research and innovation. 
  • Popular product include the non-COVID drug Keytruda and Vaxneuvance, a pneumonia medicine  

: twitter.com/Merck| : linkedin.com/company/merck/

5. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Invention ranking: 3

Innovation ranking: 11

Industry revenue: $46.4 billion

CEO: Giovanni Caforio

  • They aim to develop innovative medicines for patients to overcome serious diseases.
  • Their notable products include Abecma and CeeNU

: twitter.com/bmsnews | : linkedin.com/company/bristol-myers-squibb/

6. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Invention ranking: 15

Innovation ranking: 12

Industry revenue: $7.6 billion

CEO: Reshma Kewalramani

  • Vertex’s objective is to develop transformational breakthroughs in medical science and particularly in Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Popular drugs include KALYDECO and TRIKAFTA, used to treat CF

: twitter.com/VertexPharma | : linkedin.com/company/vertex-pharmaceuticals/

7. AbbVie

Invention ranking: 13

Innovation ranking: 13

Industry revenue: $56.2 billion

CEO: Richard A. Gonzalez

  • Its mission is to develop medical solutions to address serious health complications and improve lives 
  • Notable medicines include CELEXA (neurology) and VENCLEXTA (oncology)

: twitter.com/abbvie | : linkedin.com/company/abbvie/

8. Amgen

Invention ranking: 9

Innovation ranking: 13

Industry revenue: $26 billion

CEO: Robert A. Bradway

  • Amgen aims to serve patients with state-of-the-art biotechnology and scientific innovations and restore lives. 
  • The key products in their catalog include Aimovig for treating migraine and Corlanor for addressing chronic heart failure

: twitter.com/Amgen | : linkedin.com/company/amgen/

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