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7 Cyber Monday Tips For Marketers Before Final Showtime Begins

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  • 7 Cyber Monday Tips For Marketers Before Final Showtime Begins
  • Nov 24, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
7 Cyber Monday Tips For Marketers Before Final Showtime Begins
7 Cyber Monday Tips for Marketers before the Final Showtime Begins MedicoReach

Infographic Content:

Cyber Monday sales have seen a considerable increase over the last few years. In 2016, the online spending of $3.45 billion was recorded marking its presence as the biggest day in the history of ever of U.S. e-commerce business. This year too, predictions of sale rise are making the news. So, cash on this opportunity to boost your sales and better connect with your audience.

Here, are few tips that will help marketers in getting themselves fully-prepared with marketing strategies to make most out of this Cyber Monday sale.

Opt for Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Send relevant messages to the targeted audience.
  • Test links in the email to ensure they are directing to the right webpage.
  • Check whether your emails are viewable on multiple devices.

Plan When to Send Emails

  • Send promotional newsletter in advance
  • Email customers on the final day highlighting the special offer
  • Direct reminder emails the day before the Cyber Monday sale begins

Run Promotional Campaigns

  • Advertise your holiday offer on social media
  • Create holiday themed campaigns
  • Promote campaigns on the website

Be Ready to Handle Increased Traffic

  • Staff more tele callers
  • Check how ready is your site to handle the extra load
  • Turn on live chat

Add a Countdown Timer to Campaigns

  • To indicate a specific date (Cyber Monday)
  • To remind on time left for a particular deal to expire
  • To display remaining time for the sale to end

Give Special Offers

  • Free shipping
  • Discount
  • Freebies or gifts

Learn from Last Years’ Experience

  • Revert to what went right and what went wrong the previous year
  • Apply past success strategy this year
  • Avoid repeating the same mistake again
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