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  • Jan 08, 2020
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healthcare marketing campaign in 2020

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The Internet has disrupted every industry and vertical including the healthcare sector. Add to it Industry 4.0 and the technologies in its arsenal. The healthcare consumers today begin with comparing services through online searches. If they are satisfied, they will convert through the phone call. In 2020, healthcare marketers have to make this journey seamless. First, by providing an impressive online experience with great design, content, digital ads, and most of all optimized SEO followed by quality calling and personalization.

Seekers of healthcare followed the same trodden route in the past: Get sick, locate a nearby doctor, consult, take medications, and get well. Simple. Not that simple anymore!

Let us find out what the seekers of healthcare in 2020 would exactly look for

Sickness or No-Sickness, I’m in for Fitness

  • Perform a thorough online research for healthcare-related information.
  • Get information about everything from services to wearable devices online.
  • Decides to buy a wearable, if impressed, to keep himself or herself fit.
  • Decides to contact a healthcare service provider, otherwise, in case of complications.

1. Health-related searches account for 5% of all Google searches worldwide. (Source: Google)

2. On hospital sites, online searches drive visitors by 3x. (Source: Google)

3. More than 60% of healthcare consumers run online searches before scheduling their appointments. (Source: LSA)

Takeaway: Have an impressive online presence.

Online Reviews in 2020 = Personal Recommendations of 1960s or 50s or…

  • Our cognitive mind looks for patterns & makes us a follower.
  • We want to predict our journey based on others’ experiences.
  • Have some excellent reviews about your healthcare product or service.
  • Not all ratings must be a 5-star, otherwise you lose your credibility.

4. 94% of patients consider online reviews in decision-making. (Source: Software Advise)

5. 84% of patients find online reviews as good as personal recommendations. (Source: Inc)

6. Less than 5 reviews, even 1review sometimes is all it takes for the healthcare consumer to form an opinion about you. (Source: RevLocal)

7. 81% of consumers are not satisfied with their healthcare experience. (Source: Prophet)

Takeaway: Have a strong and active review management of your online presence.

Digital Platform is Where Everyone is making the Mark

  • Focus on the medium where your target audience spends maximum time.
  • Internet today has surpassed the television as a medium of entertainment.
  • Advertise more on the Internet, apart from focusing on other mediums.

8. In 2020, healthcare companies’ global expenditure on advertisements will increase by 3.6%. (Source: Becker’s Hospital Review)

9. The US healthcare spending on advertisements will increase by 5% in 2020 and 2021. (Source: Becker’s Hospital Review)

10. The year 2021 will also witness the healthcare digital ads spending surpass the spending through TV ads. (Source: Zenith Media)

11. $286 is the average cost per lead. (Source: HubSpot)

Takeaway: Showcase your Individuality in providing healthcare excellence on the digital platform.

Dial ‘H’ for Healthcare

  • The telephonic conversation is one of the most effective ways to generate leads in the B2B healthcare landscape.
  • Compared to other lead generation platforms such as social media, websites, banner advertisements, and direct mails, it is the human touch in a phone call that makes it distinctive and more useful.

12. 88% of healthcare appointments are made through phone. (Source: Sequence)

13. 4% of healthcare appointments are made online. (Source: Accenture)

14. More than 70% of healthcare consumers make a phone call after an online search. (Source: LSA)

15. 15-20x more revenue is generated through phone calls than online techniques. (Source: BIA/Kelsey)

16. Phone calls convert 30% faster than the online route. (Source: Forrester)

17. Retention rate through phone calls is 28% higher than the retention rate through the web. (Source: Forrester)

Takeaway: Strike the human chord and get your message across right.

Customer Experience Determines Both Conversion & Retention

  • If there is one thing that customers of 2020 lack, it is patience.
  • The proliferation of technology and business has elevated customer expectations like skyscrapers.
  • Today’s customer wants on-demand products or services instantly.
  • If you fail to fulfill their demands, they will reach out to your competitor in no time.

18. 80% of healthcare consumers believe that the products and services a company provides is as important as the customer experience. (Source: Salesforce)

19. 65% of consumers have severed ties with a brand due to a single instance of bad customer service experience. (Source: Digiday)

20. 32% of consumers believe phone calls to be the most frustrating medium of customer service. (Source: Aspect)

Takeaway: Offer personalization, nurture a relationship where the customer feels unique and valued.

Final Takeaway

  • Make the healthcare journey for your consumers hassle-free.
  • Let them know about your presence through the online medium.
  • Impress them with excellent and credible reviews.
  • Showcase yourself on the digital platform.
  • Finally, on call, express yourself, and impress them continually.


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