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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Healthcare influencers that every marketer should follow by medicoreachInfographic Content:

Rapid innovation and disruption due to emerging technologies has made the healthcare industry quite unpredictable for the populace. In a scenario like this, what are you going to do as a healthcare marketer to increase your reach in 2020? The best course is to collaborate and follow the people who are considered top Healthcare Professionals & Influencers. These individuals have a significant fan following online and are considered an authority on the subject. Partnering with them will enable you to enhance your brand name, and reach to the prospects interested in your products and services.

If you want to make your HealthCare Influencer marketing campaign successful, you must take into consideration a list that we will unveil in this infographic. The individuals in the list are the influencers in the healthcare marketing space that are dedicated to make this world a better place in terms of healthcare. Every healthcare marketer must, therefore, make sure to help them realize their vision.

1. Name: Doug Ulman

Followers on Twitter: Over 921k

Twitter Profile: @dougulman

Profession: CEO & President of Pelotonia


  • Pelotonia is a bike tour that donates all its returns to cancer research.
  • Doug competes in the race that is funded over 108 idea grants.

2. Name: Amanda Bisk

Followers on Twitter: Over 724k

Twitter Profile: @amanda_bisk

Profession: A former pole vaulter, an athletics coach, a physiologist, a yoga teacher.


  • An inspiration for millions, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue that she fought against by staying exceptionally fit.

3. Name: Sanjay Gupta, MD

Followers on Twitter: Over 2.38 million

Twitter Profile: @drsanjaygupta

Profession: The Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN, a neurosurgeon


  • There is nothing in the healthcare niche that he doesn’t cover.
  • Including healthcare reforms, he has written several books related to the healthcare industry.

4. Name: Kevin Pho, MD

Followers on Twitter: Over 157k

Twitter Profile: @kevinmd

Profession: A physician, a speaker, an author


  • Considered one of the most prominent healthcare influencers.
  • Among the board of contributors of USA Today.

5. Name: Dave deBronkart

Followers on Twitter: Over 39k

Twitter Profile: @ePatientDave

Profession: A Speaker, a blogger


  • A stage IV cancer survivor popularly known as e-Patient Dave.
  • A noted activist for healthcare transformation


6. Name: Yoni Freedhoff, MD

Followers on Twitter: Over 43.8k

Twitter Profile: @YoniFreedhoff

Profession: Co-owner of Bariatric Medical Group


  • Known for his unconventional approach towards weight reduction & dieting.
  • Author of the book, “The Diet Fix.”

7. Name: Christina Farr

Followers on Twitter: Over 43.4k

Twitter Profile: @chrissyfarr

Profession: Health Reporter for CNBC


  • Apart from healthcare, she is equally interested in technology and frequently posts about the latest in both the industries.

8. Name: Andrew Lopez, RN

Followers on Twitter: Over 15k

Twitter Profile: @nursefriendly

Profession: Registered Nurse


  • One of the few nurse healthcare influencers.
  • Writes regularly about healthcare reforms and nurses’ rights.

9. Name: Dave Walker

Followers on Twitter: Over 18k

Twitter Profile: @drwalker_rph

Profession: Pharmacist, Medical Advisor Board Member


  • A progressive pharmacy leader, and perhaps the only pharmacist to have such an impact on the healthcare sector.
  • A thought leader who writes regularly about the latest developments in the healthcare industry.

10. Name: Barby Ingle

Followers on Twitter: Over 18k

Twitter Profile: @BarbyIngle

Profession: President of the International Pain Foundation, a Bestselling Author, a Reality TV personality


  • With her own 20+ years of battle against complex regional pain syndrome, she advocates and spreads awareness about chronic pain.
  • Author of bestselling books like, From Wheels to Heals, The Pain Code,


If you want to stay afloat on the ever-changing healthcare landscape, you must follow these ten Healthcare Influencers who will not only bless you with precise insights but also with an access to vast audiences. Collaborate with them today, and take your brand to the next level.



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