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Smart Technology Pros and Cons for Healthcare Industry

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  • Smart Technology Pros and Cons for Healthcare Industry
  • Sep 16, 2020
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Smart Technology Pros and Cons for Healthcare Industry

smart technology pros and cons

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There’s a constant rush of technological advancements in the healthcare industry. In fact, the entire competition depends on who is better equipped with smart technologies and who isn’t. Companies try their best to present the modern smart technological tools to the clients to ensure their utmost satisfaction. It helps them analyze and create accurate reports on the basis of these smart tools and technologies.

This transformation for the healthcare industry has been no easy job; however, the emergence of such innovations has been a true bliss. It has changed the way clients were treated. Today, patients or clients are more informed about happenings and have an opinion to give. Their overall experience is what matters the most to the healthcare industry.

Let us sneak into the pros and cons of smart technologies in the healthcare industry to understand the revolutionized set up it has adopted.

Pros of Smart Technology:

1. Predictive Analytics is a great help to the healthcare industry.

It enables them to sort the mismanaged details. It sums up the conclusion on the basis of prediction from the stored information. This saves the enterprise from making redundant mistakes and financial losses.

2. Cloud Data is the most sought after in the healthcare industry.

If you seek well-organized maintenance of the patient details, diagnostic reports, employee information, and other related healthcare files and folders, then Cloud Data is a must-have technology. It saves you from the piles of paperwork and brings in more productivity.

Cons of Smart Technology:

1. Patient Privacy is always on the worrying side.

The technology brings in concern as the patient details are available on a single click. This makes it problematic for the healthcare sector as to how to retain privacy without losing the productivity of smart technology.

2. Security Breaches is another alarming concern for healthcare companies.

The security of the devices which has this information stored is also a concern. An IoT device, if unsecured by strong protective software, can be damaging for all. It also has the risk of losing the pivotal details suddenly without having any backup.

Innovations of Smart Technology for Healthcare Industry

Multiple smart innovations took place in the healthcare industry with a focus to enhance the experience of employees, healthcare professionals’, and customers or patients. Some of them are like:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • AI Monitoring Devices
  • Smart Wearables (smartwatches)
  • Virtual Nurses
  • Glucose Monitoring Device
  • AI-based Clinical Trials
  • Smart Diagnosis Devices
  • Health Trackers (sleep rate, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Heart Trackers

#Important Statistics: As analyzed by 2019, 87 percent of healthcare companies have adopted IoT technology.

What are the Benefits of Smart Technology in the Healthcare Industry?

There are numerous benefits of smart technology in the healthcare industry. Some of them are as follows:

– Ease in the diagnosis of diseases

– Convenient customer care

– Better client services

– More productive environment

– Quick functioning of mundane tasks

– Smooth and structured workflow

– Epidemic outbreak prediction

– Fraud detection

– Improved health monitoring

– And more!

#Important Statistics: As estimated, the smart pills sector is going to reach $6.93 billion by the end of 2020, growing the global CAGR of 23.62 percent.

Concluding Note:

The smart technology has brought dynamic changes in the medical industry for good so far. It has equipped medical professionals to provide better services and boost client satisfaction. In the healthcare industry, quality is everything. The innovation of smart technologies brings that very element, thereby improving the services by a large margin.


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