10 Hospital Marketing Strategies to Grow in Today’s Technological Era

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  • Mar 16, 2022
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Finest Hospital Marketing Strategies

The Healthcare industry is booming, and customers have numerous options at their disposal to avail themselves of the services they require. A simple Google search will help them locate the nearest hospitals, clinics, and related facilities.

Therefore, it becomes crucial that you enhance your brand to stand out in such a huge pool of options. Improving your search rankings, building the brand’s image, and investing in email marketing might help you.

So, read on ahead as we dive into some of the top strategies that can help boost the marketing of hospitals or any healthcare company.

1. Improve Your SEO Performance


Whether you’re a healthcare marketer or hospital owner, your official website is your brand’s identity. But for customers to land on your site, they need to find you first. So, boosting your search rankings is the best way to improve your visibility. 

To improve SEO, include appropriate keywords throughout your website, make the copy engaging, and gain backlinks. This will help you rank high on the search results page and marketing your services will be easier thereafter! 

2. Position the Brand Properly 

There are plenty of options available online, so you have to connect with your customers by showing how you’re different. 

  • Start by identifying your specialties, expertise, innovative features, and anything that sets you apart. 
  • Then, you need to highlight these features in your marketing campaigns. Whether it’s email marketing, social media marketing, or digital ads, your specialties must be visible. 

Your marketing can be subtle or a bit aggressive, either way, you must make an impression.

3. Prepare an Outstanding Landing Page  


Even if you have attracted visitors to your site, a poor landing page will drive them away. So, you need to pay particular attention to your landing page.

  • You can start by making the website extremely user-friendly. 
  • Ensure the search bar, product pages, discounts, and other services are visible on the main page.
  • The page also needs to load fast to hold your customer’s attention.

Lastly, ensure that your website is easy to navigate for your customers. 

4. Develop a Responsive Website 


When it comes to marketing in this era, you can’t ignore the power of a responsive website. If your target customer can access your site on their mobile devices, they’re more likely to avail of your services. 

That’s why almost 73.1% of web developers feel that a non-responsive site is the main reason behind the loss of traffic on your website.

5. Provide Testimonials and Reviews

Most customers judge a brand by reading their online reviews, so you must pay attention to this aspect.

  • So, whenever a customer gives you positive feedback, ask them to post it on Google.
  • You can also include it on your website, preferably on your landing page. This will greatly improve your credibility.
  • Be it promotional emails or online ads, try to highlight how your brand has transformed a patient’s life.
  • Lastly, it’ll be great if you can add pictures too!

All of this will go a long way in strengthening your brand and building a stronger connection with your customer

6. Develop Stellar Emails 


No matter what anybody says, email marketing is still effective. So, besides focusing on your website, you need to also enhance your email marketing strategies. 

  • You can start by developing better content for your emails. 
  • Additionally, you should occasionally also include special offers and discounts on healthcare services in your emails. 
  • Customers will like your brand if you aren’t too pushy, so be careful not to overdo it. 

Lastly, hospital images can be engaging too! So, be innovative and enjoy better responses and open rates.   

7. Connect with Your Loyal Customers 

Besides reaching out to new customers, it’s also very important to get in touch with your existing ones.

  • You must provide them with special treatment and assistance when they visit your hospital.
  • In terms of online marketing, you can send them e-birthday cards or special discount coupons through email.

These strategies will show that you are thinking about them and will automatically improve your retention rate and bolsters your marketing strategies.

Therefore, in the words of the famous marketer Rand Fishkin, “don’t build links, build relationships.”   

8. Modernize Customer Support 


Providing quality customer support can help you set your brand apart and bring traffic.

  • Start with organizing a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to address your customer/patient’s queries. 
  • You can also adopt a modern approach by getting a chatbot!

Not only are they engaging, it allows you to not be dependent on your customer support team all the time. 

9. Create Valuable Content 

Since the marketing of hospitals mostly happens online, you have to develop quality content to attract customers.

It includes posting educational articles, case studies, e-books, and preparing quality videos. You can also talk about popular healthcare topics in your blog posts and develop instructional videos, like first-aid tips. Remember to ensure that the content proves useful, and highlights your brand in a unique way. 

Don’t forget to include links to your products or service pages within your content.

10. Provide Some Free Services 

As everyone prefers free products and services, providing them to your customers elevates your brand. It’s a great way to attract potential customers and convert them into buyers.

  • You can start by providing free online health check-ups, healthcare consultancy, or offer advice on your site.
  • You can also arrange health camps, workshops, seminars, and webinars to fetch leads.

These strategies will improve your brand’s visibility. 

Wrapping Up

The marketing of hospitals is a constant process and will require some time for you to get your desired results. By using strategies like content development, email marketing, and complimentary services you can establish your brand quicker.

Lastly, always remember, it’s your product and service quality that will volumes about your organisation.

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Sam Wilson, Consultant