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  • Sep 15, 2021
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Medical Staffing Agencies usually find themselves performing dual marketing roles. Not only do they have to market their services, but they also need to market themselves to get skilled personnel to join their agency.

A study showed that nearly 77% of people looking for healthcare services start their search online these days. That’s why every player in the healthcare sector needs to be armed with a solid marketing strategy to help them stand out.

There are many marketing strategies that medical staffing agencies can adopt, like coming up with a priority list, building a brand image, marketing on social media, putting out advertisements, and rewarding customer loyalty.

Read our post to learn more about each of them!

The 5 Roads That Lead to Great Marketing

In this portion, we’ve come up with the crème-de-la-crème of strategies that you can use for marketing healthcare staffing agencies:

1.     Come Up with a Priority List

You know what your services are, better than anyone else. That’s why it would be helpful if you came up with a list of clients you’d like to target. To do this, study the healthcare services in your area – hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and so on. Identify their needs, and cross-reference them with your services.

Come Up With A Priority List

If you find that your service might help them, add them to your list. Gather the contact information of the people or places you target, and pitch your services to them. You’d want to try cold calling here.

You can also come up with a similar list before you start marketing yourself as a recruiter. Identify what you’re looking for in your employees, and arrange them in the order of priority.

Once you have the lists ready, it will be a lot easier to develop marketing strategies that can help you fulfill your priorities.

2.     Join the Social Media Bandwagon

Here’s a statistic for you: As of 2021, nearly 3.96 billion people are active social media users. Now, that’s massive. You can easily find your existing and prospective customers on social media and reach out to others as a prospective employer.

Join The Social Media

Use attractive infographics, informative posts, testimonials, and optimized content to spread the message. Let your medical staffing agency’s vision, mission, and motto be at the very center of your social media marketing strategies.

Also, make sure that you’re using the right social media tools. For instance, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for marketing yourself as a recruiter. Nearly 87% of recruiters in the healthcare industry found LinkedIn to be extremely useful in attracting the right candidates.

When executed to perfection, social media marketing can be one of the best strategies for marketing healthcare staffing agencies like yours.

3.     Focus on Branding Your Agency

Do you want your medical staffing agency to stand out? Then, you can adopt marketing strategies geared towards branding.

Improve Branding To Your Agency

For instance, you can tie up with local hospitals, hospices, and care homes, to organize workshops or talks related to the areas you provide services in. Alternatively, if your medical staffing agency has been around for a long time, you’re bound to have a wealth of experience.

You can put all the knowledge and experience to good use by extending a helping hand to the new agencies that are just starting out. By doing this, you’re giving your clients an accurate picture of what they can expect when they hire your services.

And, at the same time, your agency will also get noticed by prospective job-seekers. Now, this is what we call marketing with purpose, in a true kill-two-birds-with-one-stone fashion!

4.     Tap into Customer Loyalty

Do you have customers or clients with who you have done business for a long time? Believe it or not, they can prove to be very useful in marketing. We have an example to show you how it works. Let’s say that there’s a clinic you’ve worked with for quite some time now.

Get Referrals

You can ask the people down there to give you a word-of-mouth recommendation, or you can ask them to record a video testimonial, which you can then post on your social media handles.

What’s more, satisfied customers or clients will be more than willing to put you in touch with others who might require your services. You can also set up a customer loyalty program.

A UK-based study found that nearly 60% of customers prefer brands and businesses that tend to reward customer loyalty. Do not be fooled. There’s more to customer loyalty programs than what meets the eye.

Through them, you can strike an emotional chord with your customer base, chart increased ROI, retain loyal customers, and attract new ones. What’s more, you’ll form a better understanding of what’s going on in their minds.

To put it simply, invest in building a strong relationship with your customers. It can prove to be an ace strategy for marketing healthcare staffing agencies.

5.     Put Out Advertisements

It’s time to go old-school and basic with this strategy for marketing healthcare staffing agencies. Healthcare is a vast and growing industry, and there are many community-specific resources you can choose to advertise in.

Put Out Advertisements

Medical journals, dedicated websites, forums, newsletters – the sources are many. Considering that all these resources circulate within a small community comprised of people with like-minded interests, it is very likely that your advertisement will make them sit up and take notice.

Make sure that you bring a no-holds-barred mindset while deciding what goes into your advertisement and what doesn’t. You can also rope in different types of advertising.

For instance, video advertising has become a raging hit these days, so much so that the amount of money invested in video ads is all set to go up by 4.9% in the next 3-4 years.

Don’t shy away from blowing your trumpet!

It’s a Wrap!

Healthcare marketing is important. A healthcare marketing expert, Brian Cairns, believes that marketing can bring three things to the table: “Awareness, Differentiation, and Lifetime Value.”

So, it is evident that strong marketing strategies can make a world of difference to your medical staffing agency. The trends keep changing, and it’s important to keep up the pace. Take a look at some of the superstar Healthcare Marketing Trends making quite the splash this year.

A wholesome and well-executed strategy for marketing healthcare staffing agencies can prove to be an ultimate game-changer in the long run.

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