How to Generate Quality Leads through Email Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

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  • Nov 07, 2017
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How to Generate Quality Leads through Email Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Generating leads that will eventually get converted, increasing the sales of your healthcare business is indeed a challenging task. Compelling people to click on your emails, driving them to the website and convincing them to read your blog requires assimilation of right strategy and business data. Especially when you are running email marketing campaigns, the most important resource you need is authentic and reliable database comprising the contact details of your prospects.

So, before discussing the steps to succeed with email marketing in the medical sector, one thing needs special mention is that an email can drive results only when it reaches the right email address and to be sure on that, you need to purchase a responsive healthcare email and mailing list from a reputed provider. Data-driven marketing campaigns are the best ways to generate quality leads cost-effectively.

Once you’re sorted out with email list purchase, you are ready to follow these simple steps that will lead you to great heights of success with your email campaigns.

1. Send Permission-based Emails

Forcing healthcare email campaigns onto your targeted customers can lead to being marked spam or being deleted. No matter whether you are new into business or an established name in the healthcare industry, always seek permission from the audience to ensure that your emails don’t annoy anyone. Before going ahead with your email marketing campaign, ensure that the contact list you have in your healthcare email list comprises only those medical professionals who have permitted you to send emails. Such data can be obtained from the filling out forms on your website, landing page or blog, where customers give consent for sending promotional materials to them at their email addresses for future communications.

2. Personalize Emails

An email addressed by using the name of the recipient adds a personal touch to the message. A sense of trust and connectivity is felt when the targeted audience receives an email with their name on it. Building credibility with every customer interaction is essential as part of establishing a long-term relationship. Personalized email marketing campaigns with content that addresses customer pinpoints, needs and concerns can work wonders in winning customer’s attention.

3. Create Catchy Subject Line and Keep the Message Short

The success of your email marketing campaign majorly depends on the subject line and the content. An appealing subject line with a clear and straight to the point content is sure to grab reader’s attention and compel them to click on your email. Until and unless your targeted audiences prefer reading, don’t go ahead with sending lengthy emails especially when you are approaching busy professionals such as doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, therapistsand others who are unlikely to scroll through long messages.

If you are facing difficulty in creating valuable content, then you can either opt for professional help from writers or yourself join a writing course.

4. Share Quality Information with Weekly Newsletter

Sending a weekly newsletter to your customers with informative content such as tips, latest market trends, product updates and more can improve the outcomes of your email marketing campaigns in the long-run. Sharing quality and valuable content on a weekly basis will keep your brand afresh in the mind of your audience by staying in touch and making them feel valued.

5. Offer a Great Deal

There are many competitors in the market selling the same healthcare product which you are offering. So, like you, they will also bombard the inboxes of physicians, nurses, dentists, and others with emails marketing their healthcare brand. To ensure that the email promoting your medical supplies stands out in the crowd and gets opened by the reader for further information, you need to offer your prospects something special that others might not be doing like giving them a discount, freebies, an early bird offer, etc. to capture their attention.

6. Limit your Message to only Three Offers

Exclusive offers are always appealing to the customers. But, remember you just cannot dump together all proposals into a single email. It may be that you are a seller or manufacturer of multiple medical products including medicine, equipment, medical devices, etc. However, adding offers to several products and trying to promote all in one email marketing campaign is not a good idea as it creates confusion and also people are not patient enough to eye on everything they come across.

Up to three offers can be added to each email and just not more than that.

7. Linking Email Marketing Campaigns to Landing Page

The purpose of your email marketing campaign is mainly to drive more traffic to your website so that they go through your products and services. So, rather than linking your emails to a blog or the homepage of your website, link it directly to a landing page containing detailed information about the product you are promoting in the email. Directing your clients to website or blog can distract their attention from the product or service they were looking for and thus hinder their purchase process which is something you won’t desire. Hence, to ensure smooth and simple journey from email to checkout, link your email to a landing page.

8. Design Mobile-friendly Email Templates

According to Litmus “Email Client Market Share Trends for 2017,” about 51percent of emails is now opened on a mobile device which is indicative of the growing popularity of mobile devices to view inboxes on smartphones among users. Hence, before delivering your message, make sure that your email campaigns are optimized for mobile viewing.

9. Figure Out the Right Time and Day to Send Emails

Last but not the least is finding out the perfect time and the day to send emails to your clients to win their attention and better engage them. There are statistics available on the web which will give you a clear idea of the timings and the days that are ideal for running email campaigns targeting your prospects. To get a detailed understanding of the scenario, do intensive research and then finalize when you want to send email to your clients to get maximum responses and leads from them.

The Concluding Note

Apart from planning your strategies, what matters here is your knowledge about our audience right from their background to their buying patterns and preferences. The success of your campaigns will rely on how well you align all these customer insights with your healthcare email marketing plan to make it work for your business.

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