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  • Jun 23, 2017
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About 72% of American adults go online looking for healthcare related information, booking a medical appointment and checking other patient reviews, reports Pew Research Center. These statistical facts are indicative of the fact that keeping patients engaged on the web is compulsory for healthcare brands if they want to top the list of healthcare providers on the Google search engine rankings.

Getting the desired traffic for your healthcare website is a challenging task in today’s competitive medical industry. Hence, to stand out in the crowd, sharing and publishing engaging content has become mandatory. If you have an effective content marketing strategy in hand, you are ready to battle your way to the top. The more useful your content is for your patients, the better will be your chances to expand the customer base. As part of your content strategy, don’t forget to be a frequent publisher of articles, blogs, educational documents, informative videos and more as this will help give a positive push to your web presence.

Here are four tips that can support you in your journey towards implementing a responsive content strategy within the healthcare industry.

Create Content that Resonates with Your Audience

Every creative piece of content that you publish should serve as an answer to their queries, concerns, and needs. Knowing your customers is an integral part of your healthcare marketing strategies. Hence, you need to identify who your targeted audience is and then outline their personas to know them better. Once you have their details like their buying pattern, preferences, etc. you can build your healthcare content strategy accordingly to get their attention. Content can be written in any form be it a blog, ebooks, or any other. But make sure that your content resonates with what your healthcare customers are looking for.

Not only knowing buyer personas will help you in creating healthcare content marketing campaigns but also will assist you in personalizing your marketing initiatives done via other tools like email marketing, social media marketing and more.

Humanizing Your Market Presence

Would you trust the claims and stories told by a robot or a website? In most of the cases, the answer will be not really. Although we are in the age of digitalization where most of the communication happens over the internet, connecting on a one-to-one level is essential on the part of healthcare marketers aiming to bring their business into the light. Personalizing your interaction is key to win the trust of patients and other healthcare providers to convince them with your products and services.

The very moment a visitor visits your web page, relation start right from there. Hence, from the very beginning marketers need to be ready with strategies that can help them humanize their brand’s market presence. And to do so, you just require leveraging your healthcare content marketing strategy in the form of articles, videos, case studies and so on that demonstrates your staff’s involvement and participation in making your healthcare organization the reason of improvement of health services.

Free Give Away Always Work

Getting anything for free is always lucrative to customers. When you are into medical industry, giving a wellness magazine for free on signing up to your healthcare email list can work wonders in luring the customers to come back to your brand for more purchases and hence help you in establishing direct communication with your audience.

Informative content has always been successful in capturing people’s attention. Healthcare is one such industry where correct and useful information is in high demand, giving free content will surely work in your brand’s favor. So, having a winning content strategy for your healthcare customers is of utmost priority.

Encash the Rising Popularity of Video

Most of the content today is consumed on mobile devices. Hence, creating content that can be easily viewed in mobile is a must. Most of the readers find it time-consuming and tedious to consume written content in today’s busy life. By providing your audience content in the form of a well-designed and engaging video, you can increase the number of viewers. If you want to convey any messages, give product update, or address any customer concern, just put it in a video. For instance, a video on how your products have successfully helped cure cancer patients will have a more powerful impact on other patients watching it than a long documented case study.

At the end!

Marketing in the healthcare industry is not that challenging as marketers assume it to be. To expand the market for your healthcare organization and create brand awareness, all you need to do is identify your target audience and cater to them using an effective content marketing strategy. Having knowledge on what content your healthcare customers are more interested in will help you in developing a robust content strategy for quality responses and better lead generation.

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