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6 Tips to Help Healthcare Workers Celebrate Halloween at the Hospital

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  • 6 Tips to Help Healthcare Workers Celebrate Halloween at the Hospital
  • Oct 31, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
6 Tips to Help Healthcare Workers Celebrate Halloween at the Hospital

The annual celebration of Halloween takes place every year on the 31st of October in many countries across the globe. It is the eve when people celebrate the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day with costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns, arranging for bonfires, playing trick or treat and other interesting activities. But that’s not the common practice of people working in the healthcare industry. We all know that healthcare workers are the busiest one who could hardly enjoy any festivity or holiday season with their friends and family as they work in a highly demanding sector. They work round the clock so that patients get timely care and treatment. Hence, even when it comes to Halloween celebrations, they hardly get the opportunity to celebrate the way most of the people do.

But, have you ever thought that things should change? Even medical professionals are humans, and they too would like to participate in celebrations if given a chance. Right?

Now, this can be made possible by hospital administrators and management. If they make necessary arrangements, hospital workers can too celebrate Halloween along with doing their job.

Here are some tips for the hospital authorities that they can implement to help not only their employees but also patients in enjoying Halloween.

Allow Your Medical Staff to Celebrate

We are not telling you to give a day off to your hospital workers. A little gesture or effort that brings in your willingness to let your employees celebrate Halloween can work wonders. A small themed gathering or a party during breaks will also do as it will allow your medical staff to enjoy the annual celebrations right at their workplace. If permitted, they can put up a headgear along with their doctor or nurse uniforms. Also, giving candy to patients and decorating the hospital keeping the Halloween theme in mind will boost employee morale and make patients happy too.

Don’t Make It a Compulsion

Celebrations are meant to spread happiness. Hence, make sure while you plan and execute Halloween party, it should not turn out to be a mandatory event on the part of your medical staff to join. If they are voluntarily participating, then that’s great, but if not then no one should force them for the same.

The same approach should apply in the case of patients too. If anyone wants to participate by dressing up in costumes, encourage them if medical conditions permit. And on the contrary, if any patient wants to be left out from the pomp and gala respect their decision and don’t force.

Let everyone Dress Up in Safe Costumes

Halloween celebrations are incomplete without costumes. That’s the unique feature of this eve that makes it adventurous, exciting and enjoyable. You can also let your healthcare workers in the hospital, clinic, or any other medical facility center dress up in costumes that are medically safe. As they will work among patients in a sensitive environment, so ensuring patient safety is a priority even during the festivity. While asking them to wear fancy costumes, don’t forget to inform them that they need to make sure that they put up clothes that won’t harm any patient.

Inform and Educate Your Staff Well in Advance

If you are arranging for any celebration within the hospital, make sure to inform all the employees in advance. They should know every detail of the festival especially the do’s and don’ts as they are in a medical set up, so they need to behave more responsibly. This will help in having a peaceful and trouble-free celebration without impacting their work.

Make sure that you tell them to refrain from making loud noises, wearing hazardous costumes and paying adherence to dietary restrictions especially in case of diabetes patients who should not be given sugary items like candy.

Arrange for Treats

Food is an essential aspect of any holiday. Without tasty food, no celebration is complete. Hence while arranging for the party, make sure that you have Halloween favorite dishes on the menu for your hospital workers.

Offer Attractive Gifts and Incentives

Even if you can’t arrange for any celebration within the hospital premises, you can still help your employees celebrate the festive season. You can offer them attractive gifts and incentives to cheer their mood up. Especially when they are away from their family, such a gesture adds to their good books, and they get encouraged to work even harder.

What are your Halloween plans for this year? Don’t forget to share your spooky ideas with us.

“Feel the magic, enjoy the mysterious eve – Happy Halloween!”


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