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MedicoReach’s Hospital CEOs Email List Helps a Healthcare Provider Increase the Campaign Response by 28%

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  • MedicoReach’s Hospital CEOs Email List Helps a Healthcare Provider Increase the Campaign Response by 28%
  • Oct 25, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
MedicoReach’s Hospital CEOs Email List Helps a Healthcare Provider Increase the Campaign Response by 28%

About the Client

The client is an emerging healthcare provider having its setup and operations spread across the United States of America. The company is a manufacturer and seller of medical products including pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic devices, and other necessary supplies required for the treatment of orthopedic, diabetes, cardiac, and respiratory diseases. Started a few years back, the client is in its initial years, and as a result their market reach and customer base were limited. That is why they came to us to help them promote their products to decision-makers with the supply of accurate contacts.


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Their Requirement and Concern

Being new in the business, their exposure to the healthcare market was minimal. Initially, they started with offline marketing practices. However, soon they understood that it was not enough to survive in the competitive landscape. That is when they decided to invest in email list purchase. They made some investment in buying data from some other vendor. But the experience they had with them demotivated them a lot. As a result, using old and inaccurate data from some other provider, the company ended up with a poor outcome with regards to market exposure, campaign response, and other metrics. This experience raised the alarm in their mind, and they started to look for quality data that will ensure that their messages reach the right target.

After a lot of research, they came to us with lots of hope and expectations. Their primary concern was quality data which they were not ready to compromise on at any cost. Being new in the business, they knew that once their reputation got damaged, it will make the future journey difficult for them. The marketing head of the organization clearly mentioned that they don't want their emails to end up into the spam box. They need a contact list comprising permissioned email and mailing addresses so that they can initiate legitimate conversation with their customers. The company asked for a contact list of decision-makers and C-level executives of hospitals all across the US in the beginning. However, they had plans to step into a foreign land only after their foothold within the American market is stable.


Our Solutions


We understood that the client was in a grieve situation and needed immediate help. As they were very clear about their target audience and the other specifications, it became easy for us to retrieve back to our database to fetch data accordingly for the list customization. From our repository of millions of healthcare marketing data, we started to develop the most relevant, up-to-date, and comprehensive Hospital CEOs Email List for the client.

We were confident that our data solutions would not disappoint the customer. When it comes to quality and quantity, we have always given the best result to our clients. With top-notch and verified details, we provided them with a robust list that will help them connect with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from well-known hospitals in the US. Our data is multichannel and is ideal to support their campaigns via email, telephone, and direct mail. Our experienced team worked even harder to collect and validate fresh and responsive data to make the Hospital CEO database capable of delivering successful results for the client.

The contact list they get was in .CSV format and the entire process of list curation and delivery took place within five business days.



The Result of Our Intervention

First of all, the client was delighted the moment they opened the contact file as they got exactly what they wanted. Every minute detail was taken care of that too within a short time. Using our data, they were able to achieve a deliverability rate of more than 35%. Earlier, they hardly got any response using backdated data provided by some other provider. But when they initiated campaigns using our information, they saw a considerable increase in response rate by 28%.




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