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4 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Healthcare Marketing

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  • 4 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Healthcare Marketing
  • Jul 04, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
4 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Healthcare Marketing

Social media craze has taken over the Internet by all means. Every communication, be it personal or professional happens to happen mostly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. The scenario is somewhat similar when it comes to healthcare marketing. Staying in constant touch with patients and other healthcare providers is an integral part of developing relationships that can help turn prospects into loyal customers.

Today, most of the patients go online to find doctors, check reviews, and take advice from family and friends especially on popular social media platforms. With the number of users rising with each passing day, Twitter is undoubtedly a powerful channel that helps healthcare providers in spreading their word out to millions all at once.

If you too want to get your messages reach your targeted audience in the healthcare industry, then it is essential to know how Twitter can be utilized to the fullest for your healthcare marketing campaigns.

Tweet Quality Health Related Information

The content you share on Twitter should be original and curated from that of your competitors. Sharing relevant health information related to your area of expertise can help your brand get the much-awaited attention in the crowd of many. For example, if you are a medical device manufacturer, then you can tweet information on which device is used for the treatment of cancer. If you are a dentist, then you can tweet tips on how to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

As a healthcare professional, your main purpose of tweeting is to provide information such as tips, market trends, and industry updates to your people that can help you build a strong list of followers for your brand. When using as a platform for marketing, Twitter should not be used as your self-glorification purpose as patients are more interested to know about your brand, the products you offer and most importantly the valuable content you make available to them.

Apart from your article and blogs, you can also re-tweet, comment and share the relevant articles of others in the healthcare industry to strengthen your network further.

Use of Right Hashtag is Essential

Being a Twitter user, you might be familiar with what is Hashtag. For those who are new in the business, hashtag refers to the keywords that have to be tagged in your messages to increase their visibility. Suppose you are a healthcare mailing list provider then tagging the word Nurses mailing list with a Hashtag as follows –‘# Nurses Mailing List’ increases your tweet visibility.

Using Hashtag in your messages helps people find specific information easily that is why the use of Hashtag is the key to a successful Twitter marketing effort. When used in the right way, these clickable hashtags can help you find potential customers as well as assist in reaching those who may be looking for the products and services you are offering.

Few commonly used hashtags include #nurses, #physicians, #healthcareforall, #patientengagement and so on. While creating your original hashtags, remember to keep them simple and easy to understand as the use of too many words may create confusion and reduce the effectiveness of each keyword.

Have Frequent Conversations

Don’t limit yourself to sharing of content on Twitter. To build a good rapport with your followers and others in the same network, you cannot just stick to content sharing. Indulging in constant and frequent interactions with your audience is must if you want to utilize social media platforms. Such conversations will help in better connecting with others, creating greater visibility of your practice and marking your presence in the market as Twitter chats are of great value when it comes to building and expanding the network of your healthcare business.

It’s not only about interacting with your audience, what matters here is how well you can connect with experts in the industry. And the best way to start a conversation with other healthcare organizations is by commenting on their tweets, retweet their content, thanking them for sharing your resources if they do so and slowly in the process try to establish one-on-one interaction.

Respect the Rules and Regulations as a Twitter User

Working in the healthcare industry makes it mandatory for healthcare professionals to follow the HIPAA rules and regulations. Violating HIPAA may land up your healthcare business into trouble. Even while using social media, you need to make sure that by any chance you are not violating patient privacy by sharing their data or making any direct reference to their name in any social media account. Besides HIPPA, Twitter also has certain rules that each of its users has to follow. So when you are using Twitter, you need to abide by its usage guidelines also.

Lastly, don’t tweet as a compulsion. Before tweeting, be clear about what you want to say, be particular about the words you use, tweet when people are most likely to see it and remember that you are on Twitter as your brand’s voice so focus on connecting with others and creating brand awareness.

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