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  • Dec 16, 2021
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Christmas Marketing Campaigns Infographic

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Christmas is just around the corner, and you probably want to end the year on a high!
As your customers/clients are gearing up for X-Mas, it’s high time to boost your annual sales revenue. Let’s look at some ideas to cash in and set your business apart this festive season.

1. Give Your Website a Christmas Theme

Your site is the first thing customers/clients will notice while checking products, so give it a Christmas makeover. It will instantly engage the visitors and infuse the Christmas spirit!

  • Include lots of red and white on your landing page
  • Add snowflakes, festive bows, Christmas trees, and cute Santas all over!
  • Theme-based product descriptions, pop-up messages, and product images
  • Christmas based newsletter signup boxes can enhance lead generation

As 62% of Americans buy gifts the week right before X-Mas, start preparing your site early.

2. Offer Gifts and Rewards

The season of gifts is here, and you need to make it count to attract clients! Discounts, offers, and bonuses will keep them hooked on your platform.

  • Offer Christmas gift cards for customers to buy presents for loved ones
  • Extend free subscriptions for a week and special offers on sign up
  • Provide discount codes and referral bonuses
  • Free shipping till the end of the year is an excellent tactic
  • Arrange flash sales and flat discounts on the most popular products/services

3. Revamp Social Media Strategies

Christmas-themed social media campaigns will boost your brand awareness and engagement.
As Julieanne O’Connor stated, “It’s not about presents, but it is about your presence. Therein lies the spirit of the holiday season.” increased activity will uplift your sales in no time!

  • Add Christmas themed images and cover pics on all your social profiles
  • Create engaging videos and social media copies subtly highlighting your products
  • Organize lucky draws/giveaways for maximum interaction on your posts
  • Promote user-generated content by arranging contests and offering discounts
  • Collaborate with influencers to market your products

4. Launch Christmas Email Marketing

To keep customers and clients connected, you need to supercharge your emails with the Christmas flavor! 68% of buyers pay more attention to emails during this season, so gear up!

  • Add catchy subject lines with your customer names for better personalization
  • Include attractive visuals, emojis, and designs within your emails
  • Offer discounts and gift codes in the emails to redirect users to your product page
  • Reach out to other brands to partner and offer better products/services
  • Don’t forget to include “Merry Christmas” wishes in the email copy

5. Gamification of Campaigns

Gamifying your campaigns to attract customers and other brands to your brand can be highly effective this season.

  • Create exciting games with unlockable discount codes and offers
  • Promote these games on all channels
  • Launch games within your apps to boost engagement

Don’t forget to add impactful CTAs at the end of your games to send players to your landing page!

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