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8 Tips for Running an Effective Healthcare Email Campaign

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  • 8 Tips for Running an Effective Healthcare Email Campaign
  • Mar 24, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
8 Tips for Running an Effective Healthcare Email Campaign

According to Pew Research, about 92 percent of online adults use email, with 61 percent using it on an average day. Hence, as per the statistics, it’s quite clear that email marketing is the most powerful and personal way of reaching targeted customers, helping businesses to connect and build a trust-worthy relationship with prospects. With the number of users rising, email is here to stay, making marketing of products and services easier for healthcare organisations.

But, out of many emails reaching customer’s inboxes, how will you conclude at the first instance that whether your messages are being viewed or not? Once, you hit the send button; you have no control over its open rate, click through rate, etc. Whatever difference you can make to your campaign is possible only before it is sent to customers as once it reaches their inbox you have nothing to do other than waiting for them to react. Then the question is what can be done to make your emails reach the right address and are clicked?

Well! The answer is simple. Try to have a robust email strategy and building your plan around that, so that will give a strong base to your campaign.

Here are eights tips to help marketers in the medical industry run a successful healthcare email marketing campaign that can fetch maximum responses, increase conversions and drive greater ROI.

1. Build the list of Subscribers

Before going ahead with your email campaign, healthcare marketers must make sure that they have an updated and accurate list of prospects whom they are willing to target. Once the healthcare email list of prospects and clients are prepared, don’t think to stop there. The list should be a continuous process of building and expansion. To keep your subscriber list growing, include subscription forms on your websites, blogs and service pages so that visitors wanting to receive more content from you can quickly register for the newsletter and start hearing from you. The more are your contacts; the better will be your reach. Also, don’t forget to keep the unsubscription procedure simple and easy at the tip of a single click option to accommodate receivers who no longer wishes to receive any communication from your brand.

2. Develop Interesting Subject Line

The first thing a reader notices on opening their inboxes is the subject line of each email. The one which appears to be engaging and catchy, they tend to click on it more than an email with an ordinary subject line. If you want to be the brand getting attention before the others, then you need to work on building an attractive and to the point subject line without any spam triggering words in it. No matter how unique and creative your email message is, if the subject line fails to grab people’s attention then all your efforts will go in vain.

3. Publish Engaging Content

When you are writing a professional email, you can’t risk being just too casual. High school style of writing is totally forbidden. Make sure that the content you forward is not only relevant to your targeted customers but also has to be unique and fresh. You don’t intend to bore your readers, right? If your objective is to engage with prospects using informative content, then try to keep your sentences short, simple and to the point.

4. Incorporate Attractive Images and Design

Appearance does matter especially when you are trying to convince prospects into becoming your valuable customers. Out of the many emails reaching customer inboxes, you need to make sure that your email stands out to be different and successfully gets noticed. Incorporate relevant images and develop a creative email template design to increase your click-through rate (CTR) and leave your brand’s mark in the memory of readers.

5. Use Clickable Links in Your Email Templates

The ultimate objective of sending emails is to attract viewers to your website and thus contribute towards increasing web traffic. So, to be successful in achieving your goal, you need to incorporate clickable links in your email templates that can take users to your website, landing pages, generate more followers on social media platforms and send readers to your blog and other assets. By reviewing the data in your campaign report, you can track the CTR of your emails and make necessary changes as required.

6. Give a Touch of Personalization

Emails act as a mode of communication with your targeted prospects and existing clients. So, try not to sound robotic in your emails. The overall layout of the email, be it the design, content or way of addressing customers, should sound and appear as if a human is interacting with another. With customer relationship management becoming a top priority for marketers, personalization has gained new heights of importance. Each email sent to the segmented list of clients contains tailored messages that are specially crafted keeping in mind the needs and preferences of a specific group.

7. Make Sure your Email is Mobile-friendly

Most of the data today is consumed over the mobile phone. Hence, make sure that your email is mobile-friendly as statistics reveal that around 66 percent of emails are being consumed on mobile devices or tablets. To cash on this growing list of users, marketers need have a strong mobile strategy to support their healthcare email marketing campaigns.

8. Track Your Success

Last but not the least, after all your efforts are being put to test, remember to measure the performance rate of your email campaigns. Until and unless you track how they are performing, their open rate, CTR and more, you won’t know what you are doing right and where you are going wrong. So, track your email campaign productivity to avoid repetition of mistakes in the future.

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