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MedicoReach Supports US Based Medical Device Company with Targeted Orthopedic Surgeons Database

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  • MedicoReach Supports US Based Medical Device Company with Targeted Orthopedic Surgeons Database
  • Sep 18, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
MedicoReach Supports US Based Medical Device Company with Targeted Orthopedic Surgeons Database

About the Client:

One of the recent clients of MedicoReach is a growing medical device company based in California. The company has been undertaking in-depth research work for quite some time now and has come up with an advanced procedure that can help deal with chronic lower back pain issue in patients. They just don't develop devices; they run a pilot test to test the quality and performance of their product before making it available to patients.

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In most of the cases, the common plight of businesses is that they don't have access to the right marketing data. And this time too, this medical device company had similar challenges. They came to us with the requirement of accurate and responsive healthcare email addresses of orthopedic surgeon across various specialties. As they were only a few years old in the business and also had financial and time restraints, so they were not able to take their products to a wider audience. Also, their existing database was old and comprised outdated records which were of no use. Hence, with limited exposure and growing market challenges, they fell short of proper solutions to cope up with the data need. That is when they thought to purchase healthcare marketing data, but they were not sure who to trust.

The major drawback was that since their inception they were busy with research and clinical trial works as was the demand of their business. While the client was busy developing devices, little attention was given to promotional activities. As now they are near completion, and the product is going to be out soon, they decided to market their brand for awareness and expansion of customer base. They immediately needed targeted data of surgeons specializing in various branches of orthopedics to start campaigns offline as well as on online platforms.

Our Solutions:

The client needed the best data at the earliest to start their campaigns. However, they were not sure whether purchasing list would be an ideal option. With speculations and apprehensions in mind, they got in touch with us and mentioned their requirements. We took a brief of their need. They wanted orthopedic surgeons email list of every specialty possible. From neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, interventional spine physicians, pain management specialists to PM&R and interventional radiologists, their data requirement was huge.

And it didn't take much time for our team to understand what needs to be done. We have a repository of millions of healthcare data which are regularly updated, verified, and validated. Also, we have segmented our email list based on various demographics of which specialization is also one of the categories. Hence, we quickly started fetching specialty-specific email list of orthopedic surgeons to build a customized list for the client.

We offered them the best data at the most affordable price in the market. Once they mentioned their list specifications, and in short time our team was ready with result-driven data to address their demand. The list they got was in .CSV format and comprised complete information about the client's targeted audience.



The client wanted to establish their presence in the market with proper marketing practices, and for that, they wanted relevant, active and fresh B2B contacts of healthcare professionals like an orthopedic surgeon. When we provided them with the list comprising contact information of their audience in detail, they were overwhelmed. They didn't expect to get an email list that fits perfectly into their business model and matches customer profile. They were satisfied and happy when they saw that their campaign started getting responses and generating leads. Their reach increased manifold and their response rate went up by 20%.

What we got in return is smiling customer uttering words of appreciation and encouragement to motivate us to keep doing what we are best at.


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