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MedicoReach Increases Leads Count with Quality Registered Nurses Database

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  • MedicoReach Increases Leads Count with Quality Registered Nurses Database
  • Feb 05, 2019
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
MedicoReach Increases Leads Count with Quality Registered Nurses Database

About the Client

The client that MedicoReach helped was a New York-based healthcare recruitment firm. The company operates across the US, helping healthcare companies with their recruitment needs. They help clients with the right list of candidates who can fill up the vacant position in their organization. Many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facility centers greatly rely on the firm's expertise and efficiency in finding them experienced and highly skilled healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, and more.

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Every client of the recruitment firm has their unique employment requirements. As a result, the company has to address simultaneously the varied interest of the employer for whom they are sourcing contacts of potential job aspirants. While some come up with the demand of hiring fresher nurses, others are very particular about hiring expert healthcare professionals only. Also, the department and the specialty for which they want to hire registered nurses or other medical practitioners differ. Hence, dealing with such different needs required the firm to have access to a vast nurse database all the time. Till they came in touch with MedicoReach, they were managing the process of recruitment using data collected from local medical directories and job portals. But as the demand grew, they required access to quality information that can rise up the level of their database.

Our Solutions


After speaking to the client and knowing their requirement, we immediately started work on it. Our Registered Nurses database is maintained and updated regularly. So, addressing the client's quick needs with a customized list was not a difficult task for our team. They specifically wanted the contacts of nurses working in various states of America. As they specified the region, providing them with a geo-targeted database was easier.
We provided the firm with accurate and verified nurses email list that comprised the complete details of their communication medium. Our aim was to offer the best quality data that can help the recruitment firm in getting access to valid contacts that are likely to add value to their efforts.


The client was overwhelmed with the list we provided. They could not believe that we can deliver them exactly the data they wanted. In less than one week, we gave them the nurses list that helped them provide healthcare facilities with the contacts of best professionals in the market.

The firm's client for whom they wanted data from us was impressed with the quality contacts they got. With the help of our top-notch nurse’s email and mailing addresses, the company's client was able to hire the best for the job roles they were looking to fill, and in less than a month they hired some 30 nurses who are best at what they do. Addressing the success story of the customer, the recruitment firm backed some more exciting deals with leading hospitals in the US. And now, they have again reached us with more data requirements, and we are working together on it.


The overall experience was great and seeing our customers happy we feel delighted, and all our efforts stand out to be worthy.



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