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Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency Medical Services

Also known as paramedic services or ambulance services, emergency medical services (EMS) deal with the provision of ambulances and staff to evaluate and deal with an emergency medical condition.

This service is meant to address the urgent treatment requirements of illness and injuries. Giving a quick response to a severe medical situation, emergency service providers offer out-of-hospital treatment and fast transport facilities to the patient. It provides on the spot medical help to people in need. The conditions that fall under the emergency category can be accidents, sudden injuries, infection, chemical imbalance, chronic diseases, obstetric complications, etc. This service acts as the first aid. If needed the patient is sent to the next stage of the care which can be admitting to the emergency department of a hospital.

Emergency medical services provide timely interventions, quick medical assessment, and faster transport to the nearest health facility center to ensure convenient access to care and prevent loss of life. EMS has a comprehensive network and system that helps in smooth functioning.  It is the perfect assimilation of coordinated care, organized availability of facilities, equipment, and medical professionals, and arrangement of safety services to patients who are in need of immediate medical assistance. An effective EMS system consists of rehabilitation centers, trained and skilled professionals, well-connected transport network, private and public health agencies and organizations.