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Job-based Health Plan

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Job-based Health Plan

In simple words, the group health insurance plans that employer or the union sponsors to employees is what comes under the coverage of a job-based health plan. However, there are certain conditions attached that may limit the worker’s access to the group health plan. For instance, employers with less than 50 employees do not offer job-based insurance. There are some employers who provide full-time coverage to workers and may exclude the employee’s wife or husband. Whereas children, on the other hand, are eligible for enrollment in their parent’s health plan provided by their employer up to the age of 26 years, no matter they are living separately or is a student, has a job or are married.

Most of the premium of the job-based health plan in the US is paid by the employer or other group health sponsors. However, the members also do contribute a part of the premium. The plan members can continue their health coverage even after they leave a job, plan eligibility ends, or they shift to Medicare.

Sam Wilson, Consultant