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Healthcare Wearable Devices

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Healthcare Wearable Devices

Healthcare or medical wearable device is a device used to measure and track the wearer’s vital signs, fitness data, etc. Backed with artificial intelligence and big data, wearable devices help in patient care with increased emphasis given to patient diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and prevention.

Today, as technology progresses, healthcare wearable devices come in various shapes and are used for multiple purposes. From fitness tracking bands like Fitbit, Garmin to smartwatches like Apple watch, Pebble watch, etc., there are various wearable devices available in the market that uses sensors to track heartbeat, calorie intake, steps walked, and much more. Even there are smart glasses also available that adds a new dimension to the healthcare wearable device sector with Google Glass, Sony’s SmartEyeGlass, and others.


Sam Wilson, Consultant