NAICS, or as we may say, the North American Industry Classification System, is an organized concept of classification of different types of business establishments on the basis of economic activities.

NAICS is generally used by the public sector and businesses mainly established in the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada. NAICS is the newly replaced version of the traditional SIC system, which is the Standard Industrial Classification system. Under NAICS, each establishment is divided into an industry type according to the primary business activity they do.

NAICS was first developed and adopted in 1997 as a replacement for SIC Codes System. Its main purpose was to upgrade the level of comparability and competitiveness one step higher.

About Healthcare NAICS

The healthcare sector and social assistance sector, which is NAICS Sector 62, consists of establishments that offer health care as well as social assistance for people. The NAICS 62 includes both the medical sector and social assistance because it can get somewhat confusing to know the distinction between the two activities. The industries included under the NAICS Sector 62 are precisely the ones providing medical facilities along with social assistance and social assistance alone too. These are the trained professionals who share a common intent of operations, process, labor inputs, and type of work.

Many industries under the NAICS Sector 62 are based on the educational degree held by the medical practitioners consisting of the healthcare industry.

Different Specifications Of NAICS In The Healthcare Industry

The NAICS in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector includes boundaries of these two activities. A lot of industries in the sector are based on the educational degree held by the medical practitioners included in the industry. Some of the specifications of NAICS in the healthcare industry are as mentioned below.

Ambulatory Healthcare Services – NAICS Code 621

  • Offices of Physicians: NAICS 6211
  • Offices of Dentists: NAICS 6212
  • Offices of Other Health Practitioners: NAICS 6213
  • Outpatient Care Centers: NAICS 6214
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories: NAICS 6215
  • Home Health Care Services: NAICS 6216
  • Other Ambulatory Health Care Services: NAICS 6219

 Hospitals: NAICS Code 622

  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals: NAICS 6221
  • Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals: NAICS 6222
  • Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Clinics: NAICS 6223

Nursing and Residential Care Facilities: NAICS Code 623

  • Nursing Care Facilities: NAICS 6231
  • Residential Mental Retardation, Mental Health, furthermore Substance Abuse Facilities: NAICS 6232
  • Community Care Facilities for the Elderly: NAICS 6233
  • Other Residential Care Facilities: NAICS 6239

Social Assistance: NAICS Code 624

  • Individual and Family Services: NAICS 6241
  • Community Food and Housing, and Emergency and Other Relief Services: NAICS 6242
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services: NAICS 6243
  • Child Day Care Services: NAICS 6244

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    The (NAICS) or North American Industry Classification System was initially developed under the supervision of the (OMB), i.e., Office of Management and Budget as the standard for application by Federal statistical agencies in organizing business corporations for the collection, tabulation, presentation, and analysis of statistical data describing the U.S. economy.

    NAICS had a goal of behind this collaboration, i.e., to produce common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These were done to facilitate economic analyses of the economies of the three North American countries.

    NAICS Code is basically a 6-digit classification of the hierarchical system, which offers details on five different grounds. The digits in the code are all a part of a series aiming to narrow down the categories. Like the first two digits show the economic sector, the third one reflects the subsector, the fourth one is to show the industry group, the fifth digit is to show the NAICS industry, and the last (sixth-digit) represents the national industry.

    NAICS Codes are generally scheduled to be analyzed and reviewed every five years for revision and classification to keep up the speed with the changing economic developments.

    No, one business can have only one NAICS code for establishments on the grounds of primary activities. As many other agencies and companies have taken up NAICS for use in programs that are not statistical, there is a chance that they may allow businesses to have more than one NAICS code per establishment.