Misleading Claims

Lately, a lot of reports have been reaching us stating that some people are impersonating as MedicoReach and are doing business and fraudulent activities in our name. We would like to clarify that MedicoReach is a standalone business and has not authorized any representative or organizational body to conduct business. So, the moment any email or call made under our name seems suspicious, report the act to anti-spam/cyber security authorities immediately. Please do not refrain yourself from reaching out to us for any clarification regarding the same

“MedicoReach is a part of Blue Mail Media, a leading name in the industry. However, we do not have any further partners/associations/ sister ventures with any other brand/individual/third-party/organizational structures. It is disappointing and disgraceful to hear cases where fraudsters are claiming to be a MedicoReach team member and harming our clients. We have always given top priority to building strong customer relationships and winning people’s trust. But when such incidents happen, it not only puts our client’s investment at stake but also impacts our reputation severely. We have zero tolerance to internet frauds and are not ready to see the hard work of our team and years of our expertise get affected because of some losers. So we warn every customer to be alert and wise to avoid being conned by such frauds in our name, “says Robert Jordan, Marketing Manager at MedicoReach.

Here are some guidelines that can help combat the scammers, internet fraudsters, and cheap-impersonations:

  • Communicate and transact with authorized MedicoReach representatives only and that too via emails.
  • Avoid getting victimized by use of fraudulent signatures under our name. Make sure that the email address domain that you are communicating with ends with @medicoreach.com. Do not entertain any other email domain and if you have already done so then cease the entire communication right away.
  • Make sure that you are communicating with a present employee of MedicoReach and no one else. In order to cross-verify or validate any project, transaction, or communication, drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-664-9690.
  • medicoreach.com is the only official website we have through which you can reach us.
  • Medicoreach has not been taken over or sold to any other third-party.
  • We have no sister firms or partnerships who can do business on our behalf. Also, we have no association with third-party sources.
  • It is our earnest plea that you refrain from being the victim of internet frauds in our name by becoming an informed buyer.

Get in Touch

For any clarification or to address any such spamming activity in our name, feel free to contact us at the earliest.

Note: Make sure you communicate only through our official website and social media channels.

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