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Labor Day – 6 Ways Businesses Can Appreciate their Employees

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  • Labor Day – 6 Ways Businesses Can Appreciate their Employees
  • Sep 03, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Labor Day – 6 Ways Businesses Can Appreciate their Employees

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins

The decision to allocate a particular day, the first Monday of September, for celebrating the contribution of workers came as a response to increasing labor movements. From then, people in the United States started celebrating Labor day with pomp and honor.

From a holiday perspective, this day offers the citizens a great opportunity to embark on a long weekend outing. While from a business perspective, it provides good sales opportunities. As a result, both retailers and online sellers come up with exciting offers on Labor Day to turn the celebration into a special one for not only the workers but the Nation as a whole.

But do we stand up to the purpose for which Labor Day celebration began?

The answer is probably No.

For most of the businesses, Labor Day is just another holiday. By giving their employees leave on that day they feel they have done everything. But is it so?

If you haven’t given it a thought so far, it’s time you should.

Let us help you with these six heart-warming ideas that can make an ordinary Labor Day extraordinary for your employee.

Look for Ways to Make Employees Happy

An employee spends most of their daily time working. Hence, keeping them motivated and happy so that they are productive all the time is necessary. As the business head, you must ensure that you maintain a positive and welcoming environment within the organization.

Leading firms like Google believes in the ideology that a happy employee yields successful output. That is why apart from giving good pay and incentives, they also invest in improving the work environment. So that employee satisfaction rises, and in return, they work more hard to help the company achieve its goals.
Employee working day and night would appreciate if you as the business owner offer them a happy and encouraging work culture.

Reward Their Success

We all as humans expect a reward in return for our noble deeds. That is how human psychology works. Similarly, in the professional field, even a back pat or a thank you note can motivate the employee.

Rewards are an ideal way to show appreciation for the excellent job your employee does. No matter whether their contribution is small or significant, if you reward them, they will get more encouragement. Some owners and managers do gift their employees when they reach their targets or complete any project on time with efficiency.

On the occasion of this year’s Labor Day, you can plan to reward your deserving employees. Make sure that the practice doesn’t limit to a single day. Spread happiness with gifting your worker every time they do something notable.

Personalize with your Employees

It’s correct that we should keep personal and professional life at par. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot know them personally. Building a rapport with your employees outside the office can help develop stronger bonds and trust. This in return makes the work environment more comforting for the worker.

You can organize team outing, dinner or fun sessions to bond with your employees and know them on a personal level. By doing so, you can understand what’s happening in their life. All these will only strengthen boss-employee relationship and trust.

Make Working a Fun Experience

Anything monotonous is boring. If your employees keep on leading a fun free work life, their performance will start deteriorating. And so to prevent that from happening, make the office a fun place where they work and enjoy at the same time. Therefore, what you can do is arrange for Friday activities, free lunch or breakfast, allow flexible office hours, etc. Your efforts will surely bring a smile to their face.

Your little initiatives can encourage your workers to love what they do. Don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile to boost employee morale and offer them satisfactory work experience.

Communicate to Eliminate Conflict of Opinion

Why do employees resign quite often?

Have you ever given it a thought?

Mostly, you have not. It’s not that every time a better opportunity drives your employee away. Partly, it can be the reason. But it is not the reason alone. There can be many other reasons for which they start losing interest in working for your company.

Lack of communication is one of the main reasons that lead to poor retention rate. If you don’t know what made your employee leave, how will you prevent such happening in the future? Often employees don’t have the freedom or the platform to express their grievances and share their opinions. Unable to communicate their concerns, they prefer leaving the job.

Internal conflict and hostility within organizational structure cause dissatisfaction and distress among the workers. If you are not communicating well with them, you will never know what the real matter is. Also, departmental divisions add fuel to this fire. As a result of which, employees working in the same office remain unknown to each other and the boss himself.

Moreover, it’s a fact that you can’t know everyone individually, but at least you can avoid internal conflicts by letting all the departments interact. Doing so will help in improving efficiency and build stronger bonds.

Help Employees Reach Their Full Potential 

If you conduct a survey asking employees about their job satisfaction, most of them will give negative feedbacks. That is the scenario of professionals today.

Most of the companies only prioritize their growth and achievements. For them, employee growth doesn’t matter as long as they are contributing to the company’s success. While on the other hand, employees are hardly happy in what they do. Limited opportunities and repeated kind of works somewhere limit their skills. Unable to learn something new or get platforms to grow, they get depressed, and that hampers overall work.

Managers should understand that people don’t work only for earning money. They have their professional goals and targets which they desire to achieve. If you stop their professional development, they will not be able to enhance their skills and contribute to the company more.

Hence, a sad and unsatisfied employee will not fetch good results for himself as well as for your business. So, make sure that you offer employees the opportunities to grow both in career and in personal life. Remember when you celebrate and consider the worth of your team that is when your success starts.


The real celebration begins with recognition and appreciation of the hard work of your employees. And not just for a single day, celebrate your worker’s contribution and talent every day. Every single individual of your company makes a team effort that is when you reach your targets. Their continued effort in growing your business and the economy at large is nowhere equivalent to a day off. They deserve much more than that.

Especially when you run healthcare set up like a hospital, clinic, etc. where medical professionals are working no-stop, admiration becomes a must. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are always on the go so that patients get care on time. Hence, administrative authorities of healthcare organizations must come forward to value their employees openly. No matter which industry you run a business, appreciating your workers throughout the year is the key to overall success.


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