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12 Ways To Recruit (And Find) Top-Quality Associate Dentist Candidates

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Discovering and retaining excellent associates is challenging. As your firm grows, you understand that hiring good employees is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. The number one rule that a HR should implement in finding new dentists is to cast a wide net. For the best outcomes, a multi-pronged strategy is needed by the HR. Of course, the main goal is to have a steady flow of highly qualified applicants. Job listing that is posted by a HR sets the standard for the competition to find the best associate dentists. There are many aspects to consider, from writing to advertising that can help your practise stand out in the market.


According to a report, some DSO’s hire up to 50% of their associates from referrals, so make sure that you make the most of this avenue as possible. For this, you can begin with your most qualified and core-valued dentist. You’ll find some of the strongest applicants from this pool. Have your best associates and employees post a fantastic job offer on their social media. To motivate them even more, offer a referral bonus to whoever procures x amount of leads/referrals to an actual job offer.

Professional Network

You can use your professional network the same way you use your personal one. Look for locum tenens or ‘roaming’ associates online and pull them into your business by assisting them with the licensing and offering a slightly higher income if their production meets a certain level per month. It’s even better if you can help them with accommodation and travel.

Advertise On Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn

If you’re hiring a new dentist, you need to advertise on Google, Instagram, and Linkedin as recent grads and dental associates flock there. In fact, Facebook has dedicated a whole post on how to leverage their platform just for hiring. The biggest DSOs are advertising directly on these platforms. If you’re going to be using these platforms for hiring, make sure it’s done by someone who’s well-versed with direct marketing and copywriting.

Search On Hiring Websites And Job Boards

One of the simplest ways is by explicitly looking for employees through job boards and hiring websites. There are many job boards, but we have listed the one’s that are ideal for dental associates below:

• Dental Placement Pros
• American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry
• American Association Of Orthodontists
• Dental Workers
• Academy Of LDS Dentists
• Jobs
• classifieds

Dental Associate Recruiters

You can also depend on dental associate recruiters. If you’re planning on outsourcing it, collaborate with a company that only deals with dental businesses. This will save you a lot of time and help you procure high-quality applications.

Here are some top dental recruiters

  • Onyx recruiting
  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • Cloud Dentistry

Dental Schools

One of the most obvious ways is through the job boards of dental schools. You can also try connecting with your school’s alumni. Here are some resources for you:

Job Fairs In Dental Schools

You can also leverage dental schools’ job fairs. If you’re going through this route, ensure that your booth is appealing and your giveaways are more appealing than what others are offering. Make it a no-brainer for them to choose you by being the absolute best in your field. Inoculate your applicants about all the different ways working with you would be more beneficial than working for others. Highlight your unique selling proposition.

Dentist Email List

One of the best ways of attracting a huge pool of applicants is through dentist email contacts. However, make sure that your source is authentic and reliable. Connect with MedicoReach team if you are looking for reliable dentist email list.

Local Dental Study Clubs/ Societies

You can have someone from your practice visit dental study clubs and societies to let them know that you’re always looking for able dental associates to join your practice. If you don’t have the time to visit in person, you can join dental Facebook groups. Ensure that you have someone answer all the queries that are asked about your practice. If you don’t have the time to answer all the questions, you can answer them through a memo or video. You can also come up with your own study club if you want a consistent pool of dental applicants.

State Dental Associations

You or someone from your practice should visit state dental associations. If you’re a member, you’ll be able to access the membership directory. You can message them on Facebook/Linkedin, emails, and snail mails. Be as proactive as possible.

Mail Letters To The Local, State and ADA Directories

You can also avoid the online noise and go the old-school route. Physical mail has decreased, and you can actually take advantage of this. For dentists above a particular age, you can send them snail mail. Additionally, you can also leverage cold emailing. When you’re copywriting, make sure that the content isn’t boring. Ensure that the sales message is appealing and valuable to your prospect.

Solicit Vendors and Reps

Vendors and their reps see a side of the industry that most practice owners miss, so make sure that you leverage that. Contact your vendor and ask them to connect you with new grads, associates to enquire someone from their network for you. We recommend you record a video or write about the position you want to hire them for and the benefits that your practice offers and send it to potential candidates. This will provide the referrer with something to refer to instead of a company.


Trying to get the right dental associate for your practice can be an uphill task. However, to ensure that you have the right one, you need to cast your net as wide as possible. This will increase your chances of getting the ablest candidates. The methods mentioned above are all tried and proven for helping procure top-quality dental associates from various sources.

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