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How to Maximize the Conversion Ratio In Chiropractic Email Marketing

Maximize the Conversion Ratio to Chiropractic Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques despite being a legacy system. With the influx of so many social media applications and shared consumer platforms, email marketing still tops the list as the best marketing tool at the disposal of today’s digital marketers.

In fact, with over a projected user-base of around USD 4.6 billion by 2025, email marketing is still a marketer’s go-to while approaching a client or a prospect, with 80% of professionals agreeing that it is the best way to retain customers.

So, when it comes to marketing to chiropractors, email marketing is definitely the way to go since this marketing channel entails higher engagement and conversion rates.

Top Chiropractic Email Marketing Tips and Strategies

The current American email open rate is floating somewhere around 22%, which is relatively poor considering email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market.

And with over 65 million Americans being victims of chronic back pain, it is of the essence that you leverage your services to solve clients’ issues via email engagement.

Here are some popular chiropractor email marketing tips and strategies:

1. Create a Comprehensive Email Marketing Plan


Before you begin marketing, know that you can’t delve blindly into the world of chiropractor email marketing. You need to strategize and plan first and then engage in accurate email marketing tactics according to the audience segment you are catering to.

Make sure that you frame the content so that the call to action (invite) is highlighted. For instance, a ‘schedule an appointment call to action directly linked to your online scheduling tools can increase and streamline your appointments for days to come.

Moreover, integrating an automated email marketing campaign with your current system can further simplify your marketing efforts and generate leads and prospects even as you sleep.

Do a comprehensive study on your target audience and try your best to integrate a multitude of email marketing campaigns such as referral marketing, product campaigns, review campaigns, and so on for further engagement and customer satisfaction.

2. Define and Segment Your Audience Properly


Defining and segmenting your target audience and deciding on the type of email marketing campaign are two sides of the same coin. Both these processes are interdependent and, if done correctly, can easily project revenue growth in the coming months.

Once you split your target audience, you can easily segment these groups and practice personalized marketing based on their interests and needs.

To segment your audience successfully, you must follow the below-mentioned general outline.

  • Study your current customer base
  • Keep an eye on your competition
  • Perform a detailed analysis of your product to find deeper insights about your current customer base and the customer base you should be catering to.
  • Evaluate your decision and leverage additional resources and tools to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

3. Pay Special Heed to Your Copywriting and Understand Its Value


If you are engaging in email marketing, knowing the basics of copywriting and finding innovative ways to spin your content is vital. Think about it from the target clients’ perspective.

The same goes for the subject line for your mail, which should be catchy enough to entice the audience to follow through on the call-to-action.

Therefore, leveraging effective copywriting can do wonders for your overall marketing strategy. But one tip about copywriting you must never forget is that you must always shed extensive light on the benefits of your product or service while finding a creative way to portray them.

4. Build Trust


For any business to be successful, both parties, the chiropractor and their vendors, must operate on a cycle of trust. But fostering trust is not something that can be done in a day.

Here are some common marketing practices that will help you establish trust:

  • Make sure all your messages are addressing the prospects with respect. Even if the particular customer poses a bigger challenge you might have to mitigate, you must always keep your calm.
  • Don’t forget to personalize content
  • Build relationships with regular newsletters and updates.
  • Inform your prospects about any changes in the timings, operations, etc., so they are constantly updated and feel valued.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes

5. Don’t Forget to Write, Especially for Mobile Devices


Now that most emails are read on mobile devices, keeping your emails short and to the point is vital. When opened on smartphones, long emails are generally tedious to sift through and lead to your mails ending up in the spam or trash folder.

In order to avoid this, you can leverage the following tips:

  • Increase the use of action verbs
  • Choose a single-column template
  • Don’t include the CTA in an image
  • Make a distinct call-to-action available.

Wrapping Up

Before you start implementing these strategies in your day-to-day marketing efforts, you must keep in mind that the reader’s experience bears higher importance than anything else in your marketing strategy.

One last thing you need to remember being in the medical industry is that if any of your peers or fellow doctors want to market, suggesting email lists is always a good idea. Therefore, suggesting the services of a general surgeon, opticians, and so on will definitely help them get their marketing efforts back on track.

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