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Top 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas to Learn

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  • Top 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas to Learn
  • Nov 19, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Top 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas to Learn

Email marketing can help generate twice the number of responses than any other form of marketing. Sending a well-crafted email comprising exciting offer can put your brand into the limelight.

As we come closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale season, many would struggle till the last moment in deciding what should be the holiday marketing strategy. Here is a list of some brands and their weekend sale ideas that you can learn from and implement in promoting your medical products and services.

Emails with Simple Sale Announcements Works

Simple Email announcement

Brand: CanvasPop

The subject of the email campaign: 40% off on Black Friday Sale

Offer: A discount of 40% on their canvas prints

Why it worked: The brand made its sale announcement using simple words. The email was smooth and clear to understand for the customers. It had a clear call-to-action indication that caught everyone’s attention.

Things to learn: Keep the subject line to the point with an explicit mention of the sale or discount offer. It will help drive visitors to your website.

Emails with Attractive and Catchy Images

Cyber monday attractive offers

Brand: Quirky

The subject of the email campaign:  Don’t wait for tomorrow! Grab 50% off on our best-selling inventions right away!

Offer: 50% off on all their best sellers

Why it worked: The brand announced its Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale offer using animated GIFs in their email campaigns. As a result, it quickly drew people’s attention as the email had visual appeal. Also, they explicitly mentioned the weekend offer including the discount percentage, free shipping and the date when the sale ends.

Things to Learn: Use animated GIFs and catchy images in your Black Friday emails that match your brand’s tone.

Offer Free Gifts

Gifts offers cyber monday

Brand: Storq

The subject of the email campaign: Slipping free Black Tank on orders above $75

Offer: The brand offered a free gift coupon to all on purchase made of a certain amount and more.

Why it worked: Their strategy was to entice customers in making a purchase of a minimum amount in order to get the offer. This was smart on their part as it encouraged people to spend more to avail the gift coupon. Their email design had instructions clearly mentioned which came out to be effective.

Things to Learn: Instead of giving discounts, you can try giving coupons that will make your customers happy and won’t incur a loss for your business. When you make a purchase of a required amount to avail the offer, you can estimate your earnings roughly and plan the entire budget accordingly.

Extended Last-minute Deals

Last minute deals

Brand: Julep

The subject of the email campaign: Cyber Tuesday extended Sale – 50% off on everything

Offer: The brand continued its holiday sale to Tuesday, giving a discount of 50%

Why it worked: Offering extended discounts at the time when your competitors have just ended theirs is a smart marketing strategy. That is what Julep followed giving customers another opportunity to shop. Along with a surprising last-minute deal and a fantastic design, the email stood out in the inbox of customers.

Things to Learn: Surprise your customers with amazing offers and deals.  A new proposal when the sale season is over can work in your favor.

Black Friday Special Giveaway Emails

Special offers

Brand: Huckberry

The subject of the email campaign: Golden Holiday – A trip to Antarctica and more

Offer: They ran a 30-day offer giving away different offers every day throughout the period. From package credits to trip and mattresses, the brand made every day of the sale exciting for the customers.

Why it worked: The brand incentivized its customers to shop more in order to avail the offer. Instead of giving discounts like others, they offered giveaways and ran a contest to induce excitement among the customers, and it worked.

Things to learn: Rather than doing what others are up to, you can come up with your own ideas for the holiday season. Plan for contests and giveaways to stand out in the crowd and offer something unique to customers.

Emails with Humorous Elements

Humourous Black friday image

Brand: Chubbies

The subject of the email campaign: Sweats + Shorts = THE SCHWORTS

Offer: Maintaining their usual tone, the brand made use of humor in their email campaign to announce the sale of ‘Schworts.’

Why it worked: Instead of a store-wide sale, the brand limited the deal on a particular product and put all the attention in promoting it. Also, they made use of funny projector image in their campaign, adding a humor touch. 

Things to Learn: Have fun with your marketing campaign. You can experiment with your email subject line and add unique images to make the entire email look engaging. The use of humor never fails to work and helps to get the much-needed traffic.

A Tip of Advice

Every business has their own set of limitations and scope. While the above examples are for your learning, it is always suggested that you come up with your unique approach to make your healthcare marketing a hit this holiday season. Happy Selling!


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