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Black Friday: 5 Result-driven Marketing Ideas to Draw More Attention this Holiday Season

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  • Black Friday: 5 Result-driven Marketing Ideas to Draw More Attention this Holiday Season
  • Nov 20, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Black Friday: 5 Result-driven Marketing Ideas to Draw More Attention this Holiday Season

That time of the year is just a few days away when both B2C and B2B markets are flooded with special offers alluring customers to turn into shopaholics. Marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is accounted to be the first day of the Christmas shopping season just after the US Thanksgiving day.

The following Monday of Black Friday is the Cyber Monday which is a further extension of the holiday and sale season. Consecutive holidays accompanied by weekend makes the USA a heaven for shoppers as throughout this period they get attractive offers to prepare themselves for the final celebration on the day of 25th December.

Over the years, the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has increased manifold among marketers and retailers of various industries including the healthcare sector as on these days they get an excellent opportunity to earn money by increasing the sale of their products and services. And when it comes to marketing during this holiday season, you have multiple ways which when appropriately utilized can create the much-needed hype and awareness your brand requires to grab the attention of customers with their lucrative offers designed especially for the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Take a look at these five marketing ideas that can turn your holiday marketing campaigns into a hit.

1.Giving Attractive Offers is a Must

Just promoting your products and services won’t do great for you during this holiday season. You need to come up with some lucrative discount, sale announcement, loyalty gifts or hourly deals to boost your business.

2.Send Email Campaigns Announcing the Holiday Sale

Email campaigns are the most effective tools to announce offers, launch new products and in short stay connected with the targeted audience right at the comfort of their personal space. A well-designed email template containing ‘a special discount of say 40% on the minimum purchase of a product’ when reaches the inbox of the customer on the day of Black Friday or Cyber Monday can is likely to win his/her attention and lure to take further interest into the brand and the offer.

Tips to craft a responsive email campaign:

  • Get an accurate and verified email list of contacts from reliable database providers
  • Keep the subject line of the email campaign clear and catchy
  • Make sure that the offer is in the focus
  • Use holiday-themed email templates
  • Link your website landing page to the email for further information
  • Don’t forget to personalize and make customers feel valuable
  • Include call-to-action button

3.Use Social Media Channels

Social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can lead your holiday-specific promotional campaigns to the desired direction and draw as much attention as possible. From posting holiday wishes to running marketing campaigns, social media marketing can help your brand create the buzz around your products and services during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to drive visitors to your site.

Use social media to create the curiosity but don’t unveil everything there itself. Take the interest or the interaction of your customer on social sites to the next level by intimidating them on details of the offer with a follow-up email marketing campaign.

Tips for social media marketing:

  • Run targeted Facebook Ads
  • Decorate your social media profiles with holiday themes and related images
  • Promote discounts or freebies on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Take customer insights and tweak your Black Friday campaign accordingly

4.Design Promotional Videos

According to the stats, about 85 percent of the US internet users watch videos online which is indicative of the fact that video content is greatly consumed by a growing number of audience. Even marketers spend a significant part of their budget in video marketing today. But often the video is ignored by marketers as well as retailers at the time of seasonal marketing campaigns. Hence, to do something different from what your competitors are doing, come up with a Black Friday or Cyber Monday video campaign that can be easily shared on various platforms including YouTube.

Such holiday offer promotional videos can better engage your audience with your brand and encourage them to create awareness for the same among their friends and colleagues, creating opportunities for lead generation and increasing the sales.

5.Plan your Content Strategy

Using relevant and engaging content in your Black Friday marketing campaigns helps you in getting recognition and gives better brand visibility on search engines and social media sites. Hence, exclusive content and targeted content should be created keeping in mind the holiday season. Start preparing your content calendar for Black Friday promotional activities days before and execute the plan accordingly so that publishing right content at the right time doesn’t get delayed.

Tips on what to plan:

  • Schedule the creation of banners and graphics for social media posts
  • Use Buffer to automate posts
  • Keep relevant hashtags copied in advance
  • Plan creative content pieces for emails, ads, social media and more
  • Evaluate numbers to finalize the discount rate you can offer on Black Friday without incurring any loses.

The Concluding Note

Don’t wait for chances to knock on your door. Try to implement these useful marketing ideas to take advantage of this holiday frenzy and emerge as the winner in the crowd of many.

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