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5 Labor Day Marketing Strategies to Keep You Going this Holiday Season

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  • 5 Labor Day Marketing Strategies to Keep You Going this Holiday Season
  • Aug 30, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
5 Labor Day Marketing Strategies to Keep You Going this Holiday Season

In the United States, first Monday of September is celebrated as Labor Day every year. This year also Americans are geared up to celebrate and honor the great contributions of its workforce in building the Nation. To make most out of this holiday season, marketers and retailers from various industries would look for new ideas using which they can better market and sell their products and services.

Healthcare marketers being no exception might be scratching their heads thinking what special can be done to boost marketing for getting maximum attention from prospects this Labor Day. If you are one of them and still have not finalized what marketing strategy you should implement then here is a quick guide for you.

Have a look at the following five ideas that can boost your Labor Day marketing plans at a go.

Give Attractive Discounts and Limited-time Offers

Labor Day is a federal holiday like any other in the list, but its significance is high as on this day tribute is paid to honor the economic and social achievements of American workers. Like any other holiday, US market gets flooded with offers and discounts across various sectors.

Healthcare industry is highly labor intensive one. If you are running a business in this industry, then showering your customers with exclusive discounts and deals will add on to your brand’s popularity and sales. Don’t forget to come up with a Labor Day special limited offer that will draw more prospects in and help you generate quality leads.

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Most healthcare marketers plan for Labor Day email campaigns only for the final day. But doing so is not at all a right strategy and will not have a long-term impact on your targeted audience. Once you have planned a Labor Day offer, start creating awareness emails about your upcoming event and start promoting it via email alerts.

The first email can be scheduled for delivery before a week or two, the second email notification can be kept for the day before the Labor Day, and then the final one can be sent on the actual holiday. By doing so, you can increase customer engagement and drive better conversions.

Use catchy Subject Lines

Sending promotional emails will be of no use if the reader does not open them. What makes the scenario, even worse is when you run an email campaign on weekends as during this time viewers tend to indulge less in going through their inboxes. So in such a case what can be done to compel them to open your emails is the real catch here.

Well! The answer is simple. While creating your emails, ensure that the subject line is catchy and attractive enough to drive people’s attention towards it. For example, “Celebrate Labor’s Day with our 15% off….,” etc. Also, stop using a generic subject line like ”Labor Day Sale” to prevent your email getting lost in the crowd of similar promotional messages.

Share Visual Content on Social Media

According to a HubSpot survey, 43 percent of consumers wanted to see more video content in 2016, and the trend is likely going in the upward direction as more of customers prefer watching visual content rather than reading a written piece. Even when it comes to social media sharing, visual materials are shared more than any other as revealed in various statistics report. Hence, try to promote visually engaging content on different social media platforms related to the Labor Day celebration. You will find useful stock free images on the web, public domain libraries, and other free galleries.

Add Sharing Button

Don’t just limit your Labor Day campaigns only to your customers. Allow them to share promotional offers with their family and friends as it will ultimately help maximize your reach. By providing easy to locate “sharing button” on your Labor Day campaigns, let your audience forward the same across their network at the ease of just a click. It will help in generating new leads for your business and will also assist in nurturing future endeavors.

Not planned your Labor Day campaigns yet? Follow these simple practices to turn the marketing game in your favor this holiday season.

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